The flying dream experience seems universal. There are several classes of dreams that most people have had (I've been quizzing folks about their dreams for about 30 years now). One class is the recurring dream. These happen most often during youth. The dreamer will experience the same dream over and over again. For most folks these dreams stop around puberty but may also come back a few times during adulthood.

A second class of common dreams are dreams of shame. The standard is finding yourself in a crowd of people either nude or more often, in your underwear. These are also common during childhood.

A third class of common dreams are of flying. Flying dreams are quite vivid. The flyer usually has difficulty in hovering but can move forward, backward, land and take off with ease. It's interesting that everyone I've discussed flying dreams with has never needed a lesson in flight. All can instantly fly and instinctively know how to maneuver. The ability seems inborn. Some dreamers relate that they can also enter and travel underwater, never needing to breathe. An even smaller segment of these dreamers can porpoise, flying up into the air then plunging down into water, over and over. My gut feeling is that flying dreams are a fetal memory of floating within the womb but my hope would be that humans once had the ability to fly and carry the racial memory of the ability.

A fourth class of common dreams are of dying. Usually these dreams manifest during the twilight of sleep, that gray area between consciousness and sleep. They rush up and wash over the sleeper causing great fear. The dream is so fearful that the sleeper will spring back into consciousness with a racing heart, instantly wide awake. These dreams seem most common after the age of 30 and I think that the purpose of the dream is the conditioning of the conscious mind by the sub-mind of its mortality.

A fifth class of common dreams are those of fear. Monsters, fights, confrontations, being unable to run or defend yourself, being trapped or backed into corners. Again, my belief is that these dreams are used by the sub-mind for training, exposing the mind to potentials and giving it a chance to reason out its lessons in preservation. The best advice for those experiencing fear-dreams are to confront the danger head on, especially monsters. If the dreamer is told to face the monster and try to hug it, the monster will instantly turn loving. Often the dreamer will experience great warmth and love from the beast.

A fascinating class of dreams are lucid dreams. The ability to become conscious within dreamland offers the dreamer a universe of experiences and possibilities. The easiest way to wake up within dreamland is to tell yourself aloud just before retiring that you want to awake while dreaming. Making the verbal statement seems to help trigger the dreamers ability to experience a lucid dream.

There is one type of dream that stands alone; dreams of the future that become true. Usually these dreams are of small events in life. The dreamer may dream of an unusual moment in traffic or in a retail store. They have an interaction with others within the dream. Later, they actually experience the dream-event in reality. A dream of the future!

History is repleat with dreamers that dreamt of tragic events which manifested at a later date. The Titanic disaster was foreseen by some in dreams. Air crashes, fires & major floods have all been dreamt by a few dreamers ahead of time. How is is possible? The medical profession has put forth the theory that instead of the individual having dreamt the future, the mind's conscious filter becomes momentarily out-of-whack and gives the individual the impression that what is being experienced for the first time was within the memory all along. However, the brain filter is malfunctioning and it never was a dream, it only appears to have been.

I put forth this theory instead: While awake, we are all trapped in the here-and-now. 3 minutes from now you will stop reading this email. That event is coming at you in time. You can't experience it yet because it hasn't happened but the event IS approaching you. In the next 3 minutes many different events COULD take place. Your home COULD catch fire. The phone COULD ring, interrupting you. A spider COULD crawl across your monitor. All of these potentials are rushing at you in the time stream but you can only experience them as they occur and never a moment sooner.

Think of time as a sand hour-glass. Time can only pass through the neck of reality one grain at a moment but all of the potentials lay directly in front of the reality-moment. We are trapped in a conscious here-and-now. While we sleep the sub-mind has the ability to scan ahead and view the moments of time that are approaching us. These moments are potentials in time. They may never occur. If you leave the house for work 5 minutes late tomorrow, you alter what may have been, for better or worse. Yesterday, you might have died in a car accident but your delay in making breakfast saved your life.

As you dream, your sub-mind can scan the future events rushing towards the reality-moment of your life, giving you dreams or visions of these future potentials. When they occur, you become aware of your former dream. You've dreamt of the future! The past can also be experienced by the sub-mind in this fashion.

One more thought about dreams. When you dream of strangers in your dreams it is possible that the stranger is not a figment of your mind. That stranger may be a real person who is also dreaming of you! The man or woman that you romped with last night may be smiling to themselves this morning, just as you are, as you both remember your torrid tryst in dreamland last night. Phillip W. Mark, central Florida, USA

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