I really find it hard to give credence to these projects that all seem to have the world's worst photographers.

I feel like I'm looking at perported UFO pictures; too dark, grainy, etc. Makes it hard to beleive that I'm looking at anything real.

I can NOT believe that NOBODY who's into developing these devices can take a decent picture.

I'd really like to see an overunity device depicted in a good quality, clear photograph.

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Yes, I would to see a photo of this very much.
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     Monday, October 30, 2006
 Around the turn of the century, near Kaslo, British Columbia was a concentrator and all the equipment was run off air.
What they had was a small creek running into a tank that was I would say about 100 feet high and 25 feet in diameter.
In the tank was a wooden float and as the creek filled the tank, the wooden float rose and compressed the air.
Obviously, this air went into a holding tank with a check valve.
I assume the air holding huge and no reason it couldn't have been.
I can send you a picture of it if you like.
Tues. Nov. 7/06
I attached the pic mentioned above.
The compressor is smaller than I remembered, probably closer to 50 feet tall.  Near the bottom of the picture if you use windows picture and fax viewer you can make out a man standing. This will give you something to compare for height.
I am not sure this is the same picture I viewed before because I seem to remember 3 men standing at the bottom and a bit clearer picture although quite dark. Otherwise, it seems to be the same.
This compressor sat at Coffee Creek, Ainsworth B.C.  which is about 20 miles from Kaslo, B.C on Kootenay Lake.
The concentrator buildings still stand today, but we did not see the compressor while there last summer. Whether the compressor is still there I couldn't say for certain.



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