I love these theories! I can always picture them working. However, a balanced wooden wheel that was half submerged in calm water would push upwards upon both sides of the axle shaft equally, thus voiding lift. The thought of nullified weight immersed in the water and a top-heavy wheel would be subject to the same effect. All top weight in a balanced wheel would press downwards equally, again voiding spin. However, the act of spinning, in and of itself, seems key to solving over-unity and/or anti-grav. Spinning weights, electrons or fluids point towards the solution we all seek. The effect of motion/mass revolving upon an axis holds so much promise! Remember, the only force that mankind has yet to harness for propulsion is centrifugal force. Harness the 'up' force on a spinning 'something' and release the clutch during the down side of the spin and you have a Model T anti-gravity machine. Up, release, Up, release. Put 4 of these in series and you have a 4-banger Up Machine. Can't we, as modern men & women, put our heads together and finally break the barrier that has held us spellbound and earthbound for all these years? Phillip Mark, central Florida, USA

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