The Structure of Nothing . According to my peasant logic: 1 + 1 = 2.

A “Big Bang” is abstract hypothesis.

Once upon a time, 20 billions of years ago, all matter

 (all elementary particles and all quarks and

their girlfriends- antiparticles and antiquarks,

all kinds of waves: electromagnetic, gravitational,

 muons… gluons field ….. etc.) – was assembled in a “single point”.   

It is interesting to think about what had surrounded the “single point”.

The answer is :



But why does everyone speak about EMPTINESS- NOTHING in

 common phrases rather than in specific, concrete terms?

 I wonder why nobody has written down this EMPTINESS- NOTHING in

the form of a physical formula ? You see, every schoolboy knows that

 is possible to express the EMPTINESS- NOTHING condition

by the formula  T=0K.

*       *       *

Once there was a “Big Bang”.

 But in what space had the Big Bang taken place

 and in what space was the matter of the Big Bang distributed?

Not in  T=0K?

It is clear, that there is only EMPTINESS, NOTHING, in  T=0K.

Now consider that the Universe, as an absolute frame of reference is

 in a condition  of  T = 2,7K  (rests relic radiation of the Big Bang ).

 But, the relic radiation is extended and in the future will change and decrease.

What temperature can this radiation reach?

Not  T=0K?

Hence, if we go into the past or into the present or into the future,

 we can not escape from EMPTINESS- NOTHING  T=0K.

Therefore it is necessary to begin to think from T=0K.

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