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Vasily Bezukladnikov wrote:
- In diesel the air (in following cycles in the cylinder instead of
air will be already the steam) heat up by compression to 800 *C.
Injected water at first will cool hot air, which will be compressed
from cooling by cool water, it will facilitate the further squeeze of
air by piston. At diminishing of temperature on one degree of Celsius
any gas decreases on 1/273 part of volume. The water warms up from
hot jammed air, but pressing of environment of the cylinder hampers a
boiling of water, though already at temperature 372 *C all water
accepts a gaseous phase independently from the further growth of

Pressure, p (Atm.)      0       1       2       3       4       5       6       
7       8       9       10      11      ...     100     218 Water
boiling-point, t (C*)   -       100     119     132     141     150     157     
163     168     173     178     182
...     310     372

Analyzing temperature of entered water and the speed of rotation of
crankshaft and the load, the electronics should regulate the
injection time, the quantity and the size of droplets of sprayed
water so that water boiled only after passage by the piston of the
top dead center. The water, at the boiling or steam exhalation,
increases the volume in 1673 times, than helps compressed air to push
the piston. During a working stroke in cylinder, falls the pressure
of gases, from it the all super-heated water do boil as explosion and
gives an accumulated surplus energy to compressed steam for pushing
the piston. Besides, the explosion do the shock wave, which by the
strongest heating of gas can instantly ignite various subjects, and
which with supersonic speed having repeatedly a reflect from the
piston and surface of cylinder, does the essential heating of the
formerly compressed steam. In moment of bottom dead center the
electronics through the small outlet valve issues only surpluses of
air (of steam) into a radiator for repeated using of condensation
water. In the beginning of new compression, when in the cylinder
impedes injection almost minimal pressure, the water enters and
stimulates cooling, condensation and compression of steam in

Excuse bad translation from Russian

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