Wouldn't it be more satisfying to give it to the poor or one of the poor will kill you and create a revolution ether way and to hell with the Government insertions they only support a wasteful filthy bully system what are you going to spend it all on ?only the rich will save more money will the Government be holey reliant on you for tax returns .
pastime for a revolution be free .


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Hello all,
That system that Tesla used in his electric
Pierce Arrow was re-discovered when the secret of
the Flying Saucer's energy derivation was found.
It takes a little bit of money to develop it, but
your All-Electric Car or even Flying Car,
Electric Aircraft (VTOL) and Real Spacecraft
will come into being. (The Nasa propulsion
Engineers, making 200-300K per year did not like
it, as they would be out of a job. Who needs them
if with this system we can fly to the Moon in a
few hours or Mars in a day?). Of course when some
Government sources have their fingers in the oil
and gas pie they will not like it either,
specially when that system can also be used to
give every dwelling on earth free electric power.
Who is this Sir Branson, with his Billions that
could be used to start the next Industrial
And I do not care about the meter, the tax paid
by the buyer for this type of unit should be
enough, besides it will create a army of
electriciens and installers, not to mention the
manufacturers of electric heating and cooling
No suicide is planned ever!
The complete circuitry is given to some trusted
people in Europe, the USA and Canada.
They will slather it all over the net if
something happens of evil intent to inventor.
And if one country then decides to use it, who is
going to stop it when the people of other
countries hear about it?
Like when the witnesses to the Patent Application
said: "My God, why did nobody think about that
before, it is so simple...!"
The Hudson Institute (Dr. Kahn) evaluated it at
$600 Billion when it was found, but the
invention, offered to Canada as a Birthday
Present in 1967 was ridiculed by the (so-called)
Canadian National Research Council, the
Scientific Arm of the Canadian Government, up to
four months after the patent was granted, after
which they realized that they now had lost "face"
and decided to keep on dumping on it. No
financial aid to the inventor..
Regards all, JH

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