Hi all,

Giving it to the poor would be nice, but what do
you mean?
The piles of money I would make will go there
Giving something away for free is never
appreciated as I found out the hard way.
You will be called an idiot, and the people that
receive your gift will laugh behind your back.
Do not give a fish, give a fishing rod and let
them catch a fish themselves is the better way.

--- rown <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hi
> Joseph
> Wouldn't it be more satisfying to give it to
> the poor or one of the poor 
> will kill you and create a revolution ether way
> and to hell with the 
> Government insertions they only support a
> wasteful filthy bully system what 
> are you going to spend it all on ?only the rich
> will save more money will 
> the Government be holey reliant on you for tax
> returns .
> pastime for a revolution be free .
> AL R

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