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Yes, most who study them both, realize the connection...I think its a matter of 'negative viscosity' to form a tornado-in-a-box. But people have their own ideas, just need the funding, we have the talent...

Schaubergers 'Zokwendle' is very similar to Clem in the manner of the spin/vortex except that Clem's was hydraulic and under pressure, whereas Schauberger was primarily spin with no pressurized environment.

It surely points to the possibility of a hybrid system.

Thanks for your input, I'll post it to the discussion list.

And Feliz Navidad!

James Weatherford wrote:
Did you ever notice the simularities between the Clem vegetable oil motor and the Schauberger motor?
They both have alot in common and tend to point out the flaw in the other.
I'm not the greatest mind in the world, but it looks as if a person were to combine the two ideas, it might create a solution to the flaws of both designs. It appears that in the time of Schauberger, they didn't have such a thing as a check valve, this would probably resolve the priming issue. The issue of overheating and the need for a heat exchanger on Clem's motor would not exist if the flow path was run through tubes. I'm not a person of wealth but I do have a few ideas. I hope this helps with someone in search for ideas to make their creations work. Jim

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