dear sir

I much enjoyed your Christmas Message of 200612.21
and I consistently enjoy the depth of ideas and intrigue wthin your site.
But the fan club email has been less consistentlly exalted.

SO: I'd like to let you know my preference to become
Unsubscribed me from Keelynet emails, please,
before I am next encouraged to resort to bouncing these messages.
Unfortunately my addresses will not all send email
so I ask that the following addresses both be deactivated:


Thank you very much for your time

[ notice this week that that an American politician-and-Presidential-aspirant
calculated that the quantity of cash being shovelled east towards the
Oil War debacle is quite more than enough than would be required
(under the most generous of national ambitions)
to jump start our entire economy 5 years forward into it's future
green-energy mode?
[as our leadership would rather risk their grandchildren
becoming UV mutants than hear the sense in this -
I believe twere only fitting that today Cassandra is named Clinton.]

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