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A recent news item about rejuvenation first requiring death really picked my interest.

12/23/06 - The Phoenix Effect - Death necessary before Regeneration


KeelyNet(In some of the legends I've collected about rejuvenation, they refer to a sloughing off of skin and the excretion of black sludge which is dead and dying tissue. As well, a continual accumulation would result in gigantism such as dinosaurs and 'giants in the earth in those days' according to the Bible and Eastern Indian legends. - JWD) The Forsyth Institute have discovered that some cells have to die for regeneration to occur. The Forsyth team focused their attentions on the frog (Xenopus) tadpole, which is able to re-grow a fully functioning tail and all of its components, including muscle, vasculature, skin, and spinal cord. They found that apoptosis (programmed cell death) appears to play a novel and critical role in regeneration. "Simply put, some cells have to die for regeneration to happen," said team leader Michael Levin. In trying to understand the biophysical controls of regenerative processes, Levin and his co-researchers investigated the dynamics of cell number control in the tadpole's regenerating tail bud. Previous research had shown that one mechanism by which cell number is controlled is by programmed cell death, which has been shown to be involved in the sculpting of growing tissue in a number of developmental systems including heart, limb and craniofacial patterning.


There must be a chemical or electronic way to induce apoptosis in weak or dying cells, making room for replacement with new, fresh, healthy tissue which I think would also have to be initiated using stem cells or ideally something electronic or chemical.

Whether used as a food, additive or treatment taken daily or every few days to keep up with the body wearing out, OR a once every few years or so, you take a rejuvenation 'binge' where you drop out of life for a few days or months to heal and rejuvenate.

According to the late Dr. Harold S. Burr of Yale University, all protein is replaced in the body every 159 days (6 months or so)...the questions is why does the body remember scar tissue, missing or damaged organs, etc..

A project I definitely want to work on as I get older...<lol>...plus it would be an amazing discovery if a system could be engineered that would reverse aging effects by 10-30 years or so AND heal, replace damaged or missing parts.
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