Op 05/04/2016 om 18:03 schreef Nikita Krupenko:
2016-04-05 18:11 GMT+03:00 Curtis Mitch <mitch.cur...@theqtcompany.com>:
The GIF seemed to demonstrate some kind of selective editing. I just tried this 
with the block selection in Creator and it just overwrites the text. Can you 
give an example of how you can achieve what's done in the GIF using block 
selection in Creator?
Just select zero-width block with Alt and you'll get big cursor where
you can enter some text (i.e. insert without replacing).

That works, but it is not as flexible as what we see in those gifs. For instance, you cannot move the cursor left or right or make the same edit on multiple lines that are not vertically aligned.

It seems that the examples show something like that, and that would be quite powerfull.

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