I'm a Linux user but a guy at work was trying out Qt on windows for a project 
he was working on. He tried the new installer and it didn't come preconfigured 
with a compiler like it used to. I didn't have time to trouble shoot it so I 
just had him download 5.5 because that one works without any messing around. 
Sorry I don't have more info

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  On Sun, Sep 18, 2016 at 1:05 PM, Freddy Martinez 
Garcia<freddy311...@gmail.com> wrote:   Hi Nate, I’m a macOS user and I hate 
Windows, but right now I’m involve in a big project developed with QML, Qt 
Widgets and C++ (because we have various apps for desktop and mobile).
In Windows I only had problem with the compiler from Visual Studio, which has a 
lot of problem with the compatibilities with C++11/14 and we must use it 
because MinGW (how in my opinion is much more better) has not support for Qt 
Web Engine.
What is your problem wit Qt 5.7 in Windows ? Just to know if I have the same 
problem  my friend?
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