Is it possible to use Qt-based applications on OS X that run with elevated 
privileges (= as root), in general and if they need to connect to the user's 
session dbus?


Typically you need to look at QApplication documentation. There is something you have to set in that class BEFORE you instantiate it. If that is not set Qt will block priv elevations. On Linux which, OS x is just the cheaper less capable BSD, you can then use "capabilities" (forget the correct name) library which allows a user app to temporarily elevate its privs for certain things.

Of course, you might wish to check the myriad of "groups" a user account can belong to. Many times you can simplify things by requiring the install to have the user be added to a group. This is typical with things which access the serial port. User needs to be in dialout or modem or whatever group. This approach is actually safer than temporary boost of privs because, in theory, the app could crash while boosted leaving the user running as root.


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