Apologies, if this mail already came up. I had trouble posting to this
group and hence posting it again.

Hi all,
Recently started working with Qt3d for our in-house geometry file viewer.
I'm relatively new to OpenGL. So, please bear with me if my question sounds

I'm going through the examples and trying to understand the classes
QEffect, QFilterKey and QTechnique. There's not much documentation for any
of these classes and I do not know what these classes supposed to do.

There's addFilterKey function implemented in  QRenderPass and QTechnique.
Also, QTechnique has addRenderPass function. So, what happens if I add
separate filterKeys to the renderpass and the qtechnique. ? As I mentioned
earlier, the documentation for these classes are sparse and even after
looking into the source code, I could not get what these classes are doing.

Please help.
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