> Am 21.09.2016 um 20:07 schrieb Jason H <jh...@gmx.com>:
>>> Does anyone know how I can fix (not hide) these issues?
>> Option 1) upgrade OpenSSL
>> Option 2) use the native backend (SecureTransport) for SSL, not OpenSSL. 
>> SecureTransport is the default in Qt 5.6.
> Thanks Thiago! But instructions are there instructions? Questions I have:
> 1. Which OpenSSL? 

The latest, stable version currently available on https://www.openssl.org/


> a. How do I identify which OpenSSL Qt is using

By understanding how Qt locates dynamic libraries (using dlopen and friends).


So it depends on the platform and "where Qt looks first".

> b. How do I upgrade it? (Brew?) 

Also possible. But be aware that when you distribute your application that you 
need to bundle the libs with your application bundle.

You may need to become friends with the "install_name_tool" in that case: 

> c. Must I specify a custom version in the .pro

Qt searches "dynamically" (dlopen) for suitable libraries (I think in the Qt 
docs "How to deploy your Qt application" it is described in detail). You can 
also define the OpenSSL library at compile time.


> 2. How do I use SecureTransport in Qt? (I googled)
> a. Is this a .pro option?

Should be working "out of the box" when using Qt 5.6 and QSslSocket.

> b. Is this a recompile Qt thing?

Should be the default compile option since Qt 5.6 - so I strongly assume the 
stock Qt binary is compiled like this.

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