> 22.09.2016, 18:11, "Jason H" <jh...@gmx.com>:
> > Nevermind. The trick does work. I have no idea what I did wrong. 
> > http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/datastreamformat.html
> >
> > "qt5 serialization" is what I had to search for. The 5.x page never came up 
> > in the Google results, only 4.8. I think we need to add something to the 
> > Qt.io site that allows you to select the version?
> > This 4.8 being first in results is getting annoying.
> You have offline documentation

Haha, good point! Ok, I still have a few remaining issues.

1. My OFFLINE documentation for "Serializing Qt Data Types"(from 5.6 docs) only 
covers up to protocol version 13 (Qt 5.0) (Version 17 is 5.6/5.7)
2. Online docs are similarly out of date, referencing version 13.

So I'm still looking for protocol 17 documentation. I need to provide this 
documentation to an outside implementer. 
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