I'm seeing a weird issue with two of Kate's menu items, on OS X. When the 
menubar sits at the top of the screen as is the default on OS X, 2 the 
Tools/Mode menu that selects the document content type contains only disabled 
submenus. Normally those submenus (Markup, Sources, Science etc) contain the 
known document types; they're created on the fly in the slotAboutToShow() 
method of a class (KActionMenu) inheriting QWidgetAction.

What surprises me is that other comparable menus do get populated submenus. 
What surprises me even more is that the Tools/Mode menu behaves exactly as 
expected when I call 


early in main().

This leads me to believe that the code setting up the menu either omits 
action(s), or triggers a bug in Qt (5.6.1).

As usual, suggestions pointing me in the right direction appreciated!


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