It’s a bit hard to guess what is going on without seeing any actual code. What 
do you refer to with “referencing” ? And how is that other cpp involved in the 
whole project?
Please have a look at qtmain_winrt in qtbase (or rather winmain static lib). 
There is a lot of things happening before a Qt app enters main(), as in create 
an ApplicationOverride, initialize threads, etc.

Another reason might be the threading model, depending on which native feature 
you want to use, you might only be allowed to do so from the Xaml thread. 
Again, without seeing any code it is hard to evaluate.


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   I have been developing a background media player for windows phone 10. I 
have ported my project to visual studio and added native windows API to access 
windows media and windows phone lock screen controls.
When i call the whole API from inside int main(), the lockscreen controls work. 
But when i call it from other cpp class through referencing, the lock screen 
controls appear, but they are unresponsive.
I would really appreciate your help regarding the solution.
Thank you

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