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QJSEngine does not cache the compilation results if you just pass in plain strings. I also don't think QScriptEngine can do this here (but I haven't checked). QScriptEngine might be clever enough to automatically use the interpreter rather than JIT-compiling such small expressions. You can set the QV4_FORCE_INTERPRETER environment variable to force QJSEngine to use the interpreter rather than the JIT.

In any case it's a waste to parse the expressions from strings over and over and to not use the JIT. If you care about performance, you should try to parse the expressions only once.

Uhm ... the secret here is that you keep a QScriptProgram as the m_expression of your label item, which is basically a JS function compiled for QScript. So, of course, if you take the source code from that and then recompile it for QJSEngine on every iteration it will be slower than if you evaluate it straight away in QScriptEngine. If you instead kept a QJSValue with the same expression written as a JS function, QJSEngine would probably be much faster as QScriptEngine would have to recompile on each iteration.
That was probably the silver bullet I looked for. It did not poke me in the eye when I read through QJSEngine docs.
I am just on evaluation your tip - many thanks for advice!
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