Hi all,

Sorry if this is a bit of a stream-of-conciousness style post.

I've started considering providing a manual for our (Qt desktop
widgets) application.

I'm interested in what others have done.

Qt has its Qt Help Framework, which AFAICS gives mostly the benefit of
being able to interact with the help/manual content using its API
(e.g. for What's This? or showing the full manual inside the

In my case, I think we want to also provide the manual online on the
web, and allow for the manual for a certain release to be updated on
its own schedule, separate from the application.

I imagine URLs like:


on our website.

Is anyone using Qt Help and also providing the same manual online? Any
gotchas I need to think of when using the same source HTML for online
viewing and the compressed Qt Help file? If you're doing something
similar, what are you using for authoring the HTML? Nothing? I was
thinking maybe pandoc..

Should I have a separate repo for the manual, with a branch for each
release we do? (published to the URLs above).

All in all, I'm very interested in how all of you Qt Widgets using
folks do your user manuals, if you use Qt Help or not, and if you
publish in other ways. E.g. do you provide PDFs as well?

Thanks in advance,
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