This would be the second 2 fatal flaws with Agile.

Developer's choice

1 and done mentality/management. Actually that is better than some of the Agile groups at equipment manufacturers, some of them demand their developers commit 3 completed stories per day.

Big ugly Ogre on steroids type bugs don't get fixed, they simply rot until the product/company goes away. Moral is high but product quality is low.

On my current project, counting by the calendar, various team members, myself included, have put in over 1 month tracking down a memory leak problem. Each of us have found various parts of it, but there was nothing Agile about it. This was old school grind it out trouble shooting which is not allowed under Agile. Valgrind was near useless because it slowed the target down enough to require nearly a full overnight run but with Valgrind and the app running you ran out of memory within a few hours.

We may well have found the last piece of it on Friday, but, the bug would never have existed had the holy 4 SDLC documents been done prior to writing the first line of code.

On 10/04/2016 06:31 PM, wrote:
There isn't, because developer selects the bugs they're going to fix. There's
common procedure.

My procedure is: I'll fix everything that is assigned to me, the moment it's
assigned, if I can. If I couldn't within one day, I won't be able to until
there's more information posted.

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