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 > Op 17/10/2016 om 18:35 schreef Ian Geiser: 
 > > Hey all, I just wanted to see where people post new Qt components so 
 > > others can find them and know about them.   I have read about qpm, but I 
 > > am not sure how popular that is yet.  There used to be freshmeat.net, but 
 > > that is now dead it seems.  Any suggestions?  Thanks! 
 > > 
 > > 
 > If they would be useful for the broad Qt community, why not contribute  
 > them to Qt proper? 
 It is a  QML object that adds support for a IoT device from Seeed Studio.  
While I think its useful I am not sure the maintainers of Qt want to tie 
themselves to a single IoT ecosystem.  You can see more about it on my repo 
http://bitbucket.org/geiseri/wioquick and the device at 

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