On 3 February 2018 at 00:39, Dimitrios Anagnostakis
<danagnos...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I mean what repository do I need to include in the maintenance tool for
> updating Qt. The one from git didn’t work.
> Thanks a lot.

Hi Dimitrios,

You don't need to change or add repositories to update Qt. However,
the update process depends on how you installed Qt in the first place.

If you used the Offline installer, then you cannot use the Maintenance
Tool to update Qt. You must download the new installer for Qt 5.10.

If you used the Online installer:
1. If you also used the Qt SDK Repo Chooser
(https://github.com/JKSH/QtSdkRepoChooser), then you must re-run the
Chooser tool first. If you didn't use the Chooser tool before, ignore
this step.
2. Run the Maintenance Tool and select "Update components". You might
need to run this more than once, until there are no more updates.
3. Finally, select "Add or remove components". Here, you can add Qt
5.10 to your system.

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