Yet it seems we both agree that 2 complex classes (let's say QString and 
are often declared in different files and that a file can contain more than one
class declaration, in particular if they are helper classes.


My final solution looks like this:

build_lib {
    # Build a lib that can be used by the final app
    # or loaded into Python as a module.
    TEMPLATE = lib
    MAKEFILE = lib.make

build_main {
    # Build a free standing app.
    TEMPLATE = app
    MAKEFILE = main.make

In my Makefile (in general) ...

debug_lib :
        ${QT_DEBUG}/bin/qmake "CONFIG+=build_lib"
        make -f lib.make

debug_main : debug_lib
        ${QT_DEBUG}/bin/qmake "CONFIG+=build_main"
        make -f main.make

debug : debug_lib debug_main

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