> > Anyway, you can lament it, but that ship has sailed.
> > If you really want to know what I'm thinking, it would be to ditch JS 
> > entirely and use ChaiScript in QML.
> Thanks for the response, Jason.
> If I understand your salient point here, you're advocating the "traditional" 
> approach of just maintaining device-specific, not-necessarily-related code 
> bases that duplicate the same application functionality?  So, use the 
> per-platform accepted coding frameworks -- C# for Android, ObjC for iOS, Qt 
> for dekstops, etc. -- and just develop the required expertise in each area?

Not at all. Just the loftiness of Widgets everywhere is unlikely to ever be 
realized. Qt does a lot very well. I've heard lamenting that most people get 
QML wrong - that JS is not to be the application code, just the glue code. 
There certainly is appeal to that, C++ code is the most portable and most 
efficient, but in the end it is easier to just write JS instead of C++, though 
ChaiScript would bridge that gap. JS also bring in async issues and its own 
event loop. 

Anyway, at the end of the day, Qt is a success, and the intricacies of dealing 
with the various platforms is made manageable. I just assume there is no back 
button on the device. Android users never complain.

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