widgets or QML depends upon what type of application you want to build and how you want the UI to look. Both widgets and QML are capable of housing OpenGL content. Do you have a screenshot/mockup of the type of UI you are after please?

I agree that Qt 3D is not wise at this stage if you already have your own rendering framework. Changing that too whilst doing the rest of the work is just adding to the complexity.



On 23/02/2018 13:02, Sylvain Pointeau wrote:

On Thu, Feb 22, 2018 at 2:54 PM, Jérôme Godbout <godbo...@amotus.ca <mailto:godbo...@amotus.ca>> wrote:

    For OpenGL, you might want to take a look at Qt3D if it suit your
    need. Either can easily do the OpenGl part if you render to a
    texture and fill the widgets or item painting with it.

    I for one would go Qml, since it's the new thing with more
    development on it, which seem more future proof. At my last job we
    did full fledge CAD software with Qml and 3D rendering to texture
    without too much problems.

I have my own rendering and own data structure, I have very large 3D model and I guess using Qt3D will need its own data structuring, doubling the necessary memory

    If you are able to check for the Vulkan, you might want to design
    your application with that in mind, since it might replace your
    OpenGL in the future.

Vulkan is definitely too low level for me.

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