I would certainly hope so as I've written apps to dynamically manage the stackview and any user using the app for a few iterations would likely run out of memory.
Note that memory mangement in QML is voodoo, and as a result, the actual destruction is not deterministic. If you need to access popped items, then StackView is not for you
What I did to accomplish a wizard was very simply to create an item containing my various screens, with a single button bar at the bottom, then make
property var pages: [page1, page2, page3]
property currentPageIndex
function setCurrentPageIndex(page) {
prevButton.visible = page > 0
nextButton.visible = page > pages.length-1
for (i=0;i<pages.length; i++)
   pages[i].visible = page ==i
onCurrentPageIndexChanged: setCurrentPageIndex(currentPageIndex)
then on your nextButton:
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Subject: [Interest] QtQuick Controls2 : Does StackView garbage collect popped items ?

Dear all,

I am experimenting a way to implement a wizard interface featuring a next and previous page navigation using QtQuick Controls 2.

I tried to achieve this using StackView but I receive the error "TypeError: Type error' when I try to access popped items later, for example using console.info(popped_item_array)

It looks like a kind of garbage collection of the Qt object returned by push and pop.  But I could not figure out any explanation of this behaviour on the Qt doc https://doc-snapshots.qt.io/qt5-5.11/qml-qtquick-controls2-stackview.html However the older implementation had a destroyOnPop feature cf. http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qml-qtquick-controls-stackview.html




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