On 07/03/18 18:21, Sérgio Martins wrote:
On 2018-03-06 17:45, Jason H wrote:
So this combines QStyle with QML, so QML can be more widget like. Can
this be a part of Qt?

Only if you give reasons for it to be in qt-project rather than in KDE (assuming the maintainer accepts).

Is it due to lack of binaries for platform X, hard to build KDE software or ?

As I see it, it's because nobody knows about it, and as a result, Qt Quick results in your application not looking like a native one. (Which is my reason for sticking to Widgets and avoiding QML UIs.)

Many of the reasons people usually give should be tackled directly by KDE.
The software is great and already works in "non-KDE programs", so I assume it's some minor process that needs improving so people use it more.

If it's not in Qt, people just don't know it's there. Windows or macOS developers who use Qt don't have any reason to know what "KDE" even is.

IMO, Qt should make Qt Quick look native without requiring 3rd-party libraries for it.

Now that I know this exists, this is no longer an issue for me, I guess. But if I didn't read this mailing list, I'd never have known this even exists. I now might actually use QML for UIs (depending on how well this thing works; haven't tried it yet.)

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