It immediately failed one of my regression tests.
You should have known there was an issue because I here it has been fixed in

Of course there are problems. Do you want us to delete every old release
because we've fixed bugs? We already have fixes for bugs post 5.9.5, which was
released today. Should we delete it too?

Bugs will be fixed in the next release.

Fortunately I did not spend too much time blaming my code.
I submitted a bug report and was offered 3 patches which fixed the problem.

I think leaving that prominent, dangling version with known
issues is irresponsible.

Ok, we'll delete all releases. Please build only from Git, from the dev
branch. It's the only one that has all fixes.

I view the most recent branch (5.11 in this case) as your bold move into new
features and, as long as that branch is sub-versioned (5.11.x),
the dust has not settled.

It appeared that the dust had settled on 5.10 and all known bugs, especially
those introduced in otherwise mature code, like QAbstractItemView, would
have been resolved.

So, I can't use 5.11 because the dust has not settled and
now I can't use any previous version because even the most basic
of classes may have known bugs.

That is my conundrum.


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