On Thursday, 12 April 2018 11:32:43 PDT william.croc...@analog.com wrote:
> I view the most recent branch (5.11 in this case) as your bold move into new
> features and, as long as that branch is sub-versioned (5.11.x),
> the dust has not settled.
> It appeared that the dust had settled on 5.10 and all known bugs, especially
> those introduced in otherwise mature code, like QAbstractItemView, would
> have been resolved.

That never happens. There are always known bugs. We try to fix the most 
important ones before the release, but we keep finding them. We have to 
release at some point, not wait for all bugs to be fixed.

> So, I can't use 5.11 because the dust has not settled and
> now I can't use any previous version because even the most basic
> of classes may have known bugs.

All releases have known bugs.

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