I still have the problem mentioned in the attached mail from a few days ago.

I've found out, that this behaviour is linked to QML's FileDialog that I use in this way:







appController.importCSVAction(myFilename)//for testing, normally 


The crash (stacktrace: see below) comes a few seconds after accepting the FileDialog. It is - contrary to my last mail - also responsible for crashes without running with Debugger. Those non-debug crashes appear later when I rush through the following UI pages (no crashes when I give the interface some time to rest!), quite some time after the FileDialog has been closed, so I had put the blame on my code.

Error messages before (when opening the FileDialog) are galore and diverse (see attached email) . Common is the term "onecore", there is "library not registered", "out of memory" (rubbish!), "can't find the specified file" and such.

When I Change it to "MessageDialog" (and comment out the folder property) everything runs like a charm and my code is working, too. No crashes, no matter how much load pressure I apply to the program.

Interesting side note: my FilderDialog doesn't know the "fileMode:"property! I am importing the modules below, the problem appears with Dialogs 1.2 as well as 1.1 (using the OLDDIALOGS qualifier).

Seems like a Qt bug because of changes in Win10 - is that correct?
Anyone any ideas?










The stacktrace:
1   WTF::OSAllocator::reserveUncommitted OSAllocatorWin.cpp           48   0x2e904ec2 2   WTF::PageReservation::reserve PageReservation.h            107  0x2e882a7e 3   QV4::MemorySegment::MemorySegment qv4mm.cpp                    123  0x2e882a7e 4   QV4::ChunkAllocator::allocate qv4mm.cpp                    257  0x2e882a7e 5   QV4::BlockAllocator::allocate qv4mm.cpp                    695  0x2e882e2d 6   QV4::MemoryManager::allocData qv4mm.cpp                    920  0x2e8862d6 7   QV4::MemoryManager::allocManaged<QV4::CallContext> qv4mm_p.h                    223  0x2e916f93 8   QV4::ExecutionContext::newCallContext qv4context.cpp               69   0x2e916f93 9   QV4::ExecutionContext::call qv4context.cpp               269  0x2e91ac5b
10  QV4::ScriptFunction::call qv4functionobject.cpp        411  0x2e94512c
11  QV4::Object::call qv4object_p.h                445  0x2e9a9bf7
12  QV4::Runtime::method_callProperty qv4runtime.cpp               1104 0x2e9a9bf7
13  QV4::Moth::VME::run qv4vme_moth.cpp              600  0x2e99cb6b
14  QV4::Moth::VME::exec qv4vme_moth.cpp              976  0x2e99f630
15  QV4::ExecutionContext::call qv4context.cpp               274  0x2e91af16 16  QQmlJavaScriptExpression::evaluate qqmljavascriptexpression.cpp 225  0x2ea2535e 17  QQmlNonbindingBinding::doUpdate qqmlbinding.cpp              207  0x2eab6c70
18  QQmlBinding::update qqmlbinding.cpp              168  0x2ea2fc5f
19  QQmlBinding::expressionChanged qqmlbinding.cpp              484  0x2ea2fe05 20  QQmlJavaScriptExpressionGuard_callback qqmljavascriptexpression.cpp 490  0x2ea24e67

Crashes with the CRASH(); function/macro here:








 * Qt 5.10.0 MinGW / 32bit Debug
 * Windows Version 10.0.16299 Build 16299, 64 bit
 * Qt Creator 4.2.1,
 * Three Monitors.

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I am experiencing problems while debugging my QML-based app. All the following error messages do **not** appear when I just run (Ctrl+r), they only do so in debug mode (F5).

[Symptom A]

When the Program window comes to front, I get:

onecore\com\combase\inc\comcataloghelpers.hpp(67)\combase.dll!746B8550: (caller: 746B82E0) ReturnHr(1) tid(43f4) 80004002 Schnittstelle nicht unterstützt
("No such interface supported") and
mincore\com\oleaut32\dispatch\ups.cpp(2125)\OLEAUT32.dll!73CA234F: (caller: 73CA1EF1) ReturnHr(1) tid(2b70) 8002801D Bibliothek nicht registriert.
("Library not registered", same again for ReturnHr(2)).

[Symptom B]

Also, interestingly, I can not see svg images when debugging. Fine when just running.

[Symptom C]

Opening a FileDialog from QtQuick.Dialogs1.2 in debug mode, I get the loads of errors (again: works in run mode) - and afterwards many crashes that I cannot yet understand.

First is

onecoreuap\shell\windows.storage\regfldr.cpp(1239)\windows.storage.dll!74A1A719: (caller: 74A186F0) ReturnHr(1) tid(2b70) 80004001 Nicht implementiert

("Not implemented"), then several of these:

onecoreuap\shell\windows.storage\kfapi\folderpathidlistcache.cpp(208)\windows.storage.dll!74A5B07C: (caller: 74A5A36C) LogHr(1) tid(97c) 80070002 Das System kann die angegebene Datei nicht finden.
("The system cannot find the file specified") After this, a specified drive can't be found (multiple times),

onecoreuap\shell\lib\bindctx.cpp(128)\SHELL32.dll!757F0C37: (caller: 757EB0F0) ReturnHr(1) tid(97c) 80070057 Falscher Parameter.
("Wrong parameter") and

shell\comdlg32\fileopensave.cpp(14268)\comdlg32.dll!752CE4A3: (caller: 752D97BC) ReturnHr(1) tid(97c) 80004005 Unbekannter Fehler

CallContext:[\PickerModalLoop] onecoreuap\shell\windows.storage\regfldr.cpp(1239)\windows.storage.dll!74A1A719: (caller: 74A186F0) ReturnHr(29) tid(97c) 80004001 Nicht implementiert

("Unknown Error" and "Not implemented")

Are these symtoms related?

Is all this related to https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-63789?

Are there any solutions, workarounds or even ideas on how to get debugging to work properly again?

Best regards,



 * Qt 5.10.0 MinGW / 32bit Debug
 * Windows Version 10.0.16299 Build 16299, 64 bit
 * Qt Creator 4.2.1,
 * Three Monitors.

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