Thiago Macieira wrote:

> It's fork(). It calls the malloc routines.

Yeah, I discovered afterwards that tcmalloc injects itself and "infects" any 
application that links to it, whether directly or indirectly. It suggests 
somewhere in its instructions that you shouldn't link it to plugins, which 
me wonder a bit if the leveldb used by QtWebEngine is linked to tcmalloc.

FWIW I had a deadlock in KDevelop on Linux too, yesterday. Sadly I didn't get 
verify if it was for the same reason as reported here on Mac. It it was then 
underlying cause is probably an oversight somewhere in my code (a class 
reimplementing the basic QFile functionality to store key/value pairs in a 
database rather than in individual files; it involves storing and retrieving 
arrays via QByteArrays and std::strings).


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