Hi Alexander,

Does layout::invalidate before activate help?

Regards, Tony

On 15/04/2018 6:53 PM, Alexander Semke wrote:
On Freitag, 13. April 2018 10:22:14 CEST Igor Mironchik wrote:
Something like this?
Thanks Igor, I've got the idea. The resize works fine now but I have the
problem with the layout of the parent widget being not updated. My text edit
widget is embedded into a QFrame with a vertical layout. After the manual
resize I need the layout(s) and the sizes/positions of this frame and of all
the other widgets frame's parent to be adjusted to the new size of the text

https://imgur.com/a/eV2Fj - here the height of the text edit widget was made
smaller but the QFrame widget where the text edit is placed in a vertical
layout was not resized. I'm calling frame->layout()->activate() to trigger the
recalculation but this doesn't lead to the desired effect...  Do I new to
resize the frame widget here manually or are there any other methods to
update/recalculate the layout?

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