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> Betreff: [Interest] Qt cross plattform installer, offline configuration
> Hi!
> I am currently reviewing different ways of creating cross plattform 
> installers for
> Qt applications (Windows and Linux mainly).
> The installers shall work in a classical way, i.e. they shall:
> 1. work completely offline
> 2. install no maintenance tool
> 3. support installing and removing the application 4. be able to do an offline
> update by running a newer installer 5. work without additional RTEs (like 
> Java)
> I consider this a very basic configuration. Still it seems that the Qt 
> Installer
> Framework is unable to provide 2. and 4.
> At least from what I read in the documentation, in the Qt bug tracker and in
> the web, such configuration isn't supported.
> Maybe that information is not up-to-date. It seems hard to believe that such a
> basic configuration should be a problem.
[Kalinowski Maurice] 

How do you want to "remove the application" without any type of application? In 
its simplest format, that is what the maintenance tool does. You can also call 
in "uninstall" if that is all you want it to do.

In regards to 4, that is possible with the Installer Framework, but I remember 
this to be an undocumented feature. I suggest to check the source code for 
that, specifically where the update location / repository is specified. That 
can be a folder on your local disk.

Rejecting to install into an existing directory is a default setting, I do not 
fully remember whether there is an option to disable that.


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