it tried to build Qt 5.9.5 with msvc 2017 15.7.1 on 32 bit an hit this internal compiler error:
ninja -t msvc -e environment.x86 -- "E:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2017\Professional\VC\Tools\MSVC\14.14.26428\bin\HostX64\x86/cl.exe" /nologo /FC @obj/third_party/webrtc/call/call/call.obj.rsp /c ../../3rdparty/chromium/third_party/webrtc/call/call.cc /Foobj/third_party/webrtc/call/call/call.obj /Fd"obj/third_party/webrtc/call/call_cc.pdb"
t:\qt5.9.5\qtwebengine\src\3rdparty\chromium\third_party\webrtc\modules\video_coding\sequence_number_util.h(101): fatal error C1001: An internal error has occurred in the compiler.
(compiler file 'f:\dd\vctools\compiler\cxxfe\sl\p1\c\outdname.c', line 5310)
 To work around this problem, try simplifying or changing the program near the locations listed above.
Please choose the Technical Support command on the Visual C++ 
 Help menu, or open the Technical Support help file for more information

It's also already known to MS since one month: https://developercommunity.visualstudio.com/content/problem/234790/internal-compiler-error-in-outdnamec-in-vs157p3-wh.html
Is there any known workaround for this problem? Is it maybe fixed in 5.11?
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