Thanks Nuno

I get that, but I still think that Apple has changed something in the store verification process that makes builds with Qt 5.9 not compatible. So you can't create an ipa for the store, just for adhoc development.

Could be a bug in xcode, I'm on v9.3, so pretty much the latest, but I will try getting the latest patch.


On 17/05/2018 15:32, Nuno Santos wrote:

The upload to the store is a complete aside process. It is completely 
independent from Qt itself.

If you can build your app, test it and archive it, then the problem is other.

Try to updated your Xcode to the latest version or use the Application Loader.



On 17 May 2018, at 15:29, Rogerio Nicolau <> wrote:


I am trying to release a new version of my app to the iOS app store. I'm using 
Qt 5.9.x and it builds fine and can be sideloaded but it causes xcode to freeze 
when trying to validate or export to the app store.

I don't have this problem with Qt 5.10 but this does not support iOS 9 which I 
still need to do (to support old iPads). Even trying to validate the build of 
the version that is currently live in the app store fails.

Is this a known issue? Does Qt 5.9 no longer support the iOS app store?


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