I would like to have a border in my widget, just like a QFrame. But a QFrame which border is over and not beside. I want to hide and show the border, but without layout re-sizing effects.

There is an example in the attachment. There is a QFrame and under a QPushButton ("LOL"). This is two different layouts (one for the QFrame and one for the button) added in the same cell of a QGridLayout.

The other way of doing it would have been to add the button in the QFrame. But when the border is hidden, the button is resized. And I don't want to.

My problem is that with the solution of adding two widgets in the same cell of a QGridLayout, I can not use the "LOL" button. How can I do that. I would like to continue using a QFrame because of the border convenience.

*Nicolas Krieger*
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