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> Hi,
> I wonder why FirstPersonCameraController now in qt 5.11.1 by arrow up-down
> keys moves camera up and down instead of moving forward like in games (like
> first person view should), and as it is in 5.9.5?

The key bindings for the Qt3DExtras camera controllers are done in
QAbstractCameraController. There isn't a way to modify them through the
API. (e.g. See my previous email to the list about the escape key and this
bug report: https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-69802 )

> Also qgltf.exe of qt 5.11.1 for windows "Failed to import" (without any
> other error description) for the one of my model (for both obj and 3ds
> format). qgltf.exe of qt 5.9.5 handles this obj model without problems, but
> can't import 3ds model with "Qt3D.AssimpImporter: Assimp scene import
> failed Chunk is too large".

I think the assimp library version changed between Qt versions. You might
try its viewer to see if it's an assimp problem:


> I like that qt 5.11.1 renders objects loaded in SceneLoader with
> phongmaterial with ambient color = "white" as should - it looks similar to
> Blender, while in qt 5.9.5 I need to reduce ambient by half or objects are
> overexposed to white instead of their diffuse color.
> But SceneLoader of  qt 5.11.1 still has texture rendering issues that was
> fixed in qt 5.8 (QTBUG-66644) once.
> I mean I can't choose version. It looks like qt 3d development still can
> not be stabilize :(

I agree that is very frustrating. What I find even more frustrating is the
complete lack of useful documentation for the Qt3D module and the broken
examples. It's really not up to the standard of the other parts of Qt I've
worked with. I really, really want to work with it, but it's not making it
easy (or enjoyable) :-)

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> With regards, Oleg.
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