Recently the Bug "MySQL plugin binaries are in commercial packages" was closed.

This means that (starting with Qt-5.12.3, I think) it is not possible to
access MySQL or MariaDB databases with LGPL or commercial Qt versions.

I am using LGPL Qt. To avoid licensing problems I used the QtSQL plugin for
MySQL but replaced the MySQL libmysql.dll with libmariadb.dll (by renaming
the latter).

This does not work anymore because there is no sqldrivers/qsqlmysql.dll in
the binary LGPL distributions.

I tried to manually build the MySQL driver but failed because configure not
only looks for libmysql.* but also for a config.win32 (why).

Any ideas or hints for this?


PS: The current Qt documentation does not mention the problems with MySQL.

PPS: Anybody out there looked at libdrizzle or libdrizzle-redux as an
alternative to qsqlmysql?






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