I understand your point, but I would love to see a different UX for non include 
.pri to be quickly different from the one included (now I have to dig to the 
resources, headers or sources to see the difference). It would be nice to see 
the .pri grey out or something more obvious. Or even better an option to 
show/hide them.

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On Wed, May 20, 2020 at 04:30:41PM +0000, Jérôme Godbout wrote:
>    It kinda work, it’s really weird, but all the project get display, the
>    .pri and the include/source no matter the condition, but they are grey
>    out if the include condition is false, so it does scan the .pri no
>    matter what but doesn’t really include them to be used only for
>    display!?! So I got all the optional part display but not really used.
>    The compile seem to work. This leave an horrible UX view for developer
>    to see part that aren’t used but source is display and searchable for
>    the project!
>    I think I can live with it but this is an horrible UX to display those
>    include no matter the condition that include them or not, here what it
>    does (image in attachment) with:

I guess you also would prefer refactorings, searches for occurences of symbols 
and translatable strings not to happen in branches of your project that are 
currently not active.

That's not the case for everybody.

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