Am 16.06.21 um 21:30 schrieb Thiago Macieira:
On Wednesday, 16 June 2021 10:09:05 PDT ekke wrote:
Of course I would like to get all other deprecation warnings to fix
them, but for QNCM and network accessibility there is no way to fix them
because the new QNetworkInformation class doesn’t exist in 5.15.
For those classes, the proper course of action is to simply remove your code
that relied on them, because they don't work properly in the first place.

I really need the classes for my Qt 5.15 mobile apps. It works well on Android and for iOS I'm using Apple's Reachability classes. On Qt6 it will be easier, because I can use QNetworkInformation for Android and iOS.

My apps support working in online/offline - scenarios where the app watches for signals from QNCM (on Android) and from Apple's Reachability Classes (on iOS).

per ex: my app for nurses out there at outbound services driving throug areas with or without network coverage. while doing their work for patients the work done must be sent to the server (temperature, weight, ...) all things done are placed into a queue - each single step done is one entry.

if the device is online data is sent to server one by one, if not the device is waiting for the next online event.

also supports app - lifecycle: if the app is suspended (in the background) sending data to server from my queue is stopped. if app is coming back to foreground (active) I'm checking if isOnline - if yes I continue sending the data, if not waiting again for online.

in the evening when the tour is finished and nurse wants to logoff, the app is testing if there are still items in the queue and if the device is offline, so user can get a message: "there's still data to be sent, you're offline, please check internet connection and uplaod data before quit. This is the only case where user notices that there's some magic automatically sending data to server.


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