> > I want a brain-dead, simple, 0-maintenance test kit.  The only thing the
> > developers should have to worry about is adding test implementations once
> > it is started.
> >
> > Can this be achieved in Qt?
> With Qt and QtTest, sure. But your question was "in qmake".
> The answer is also yes. You need to move the common parts to a qmake project
> include file (.pri) and simply include() it in each and every target, then add
> to SOURCES the main executable for each program.
> If build times are an issue, you may want to refactor so the common sources
> are built into a uninstalled static library, which you link into each test.
> However, using static libraries often bring headaches of their own, especially
> when C++ global statics with side-effects are involved.

That's fantastic news! Is there an example anywhere?
I'm not (yet) concerned about build times, but yes, that's a good idea. Why are 
dynamic libraries not suggested?

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