Here someone was trying to resolve this issue and did not succeed:

All the issues he described there still exists.

On 8/21/2021 10:06 AM, Alexander Dyagilev wrote:


When my app's main window is in full screen mode, I would like the close button to just hide it instead of closing window.

But there is bug (qt bug?): hiding the window does not make it exit full screen mode.

Here the bug report I've created:

Is there any workaround?


import  QtQuick 2.12
import  QtQuick.Window 2.12

     width: 640
     height: 480
     title: qsTr("Hello World")
     Component.onCompleted: flags |= Qt.WindowFullscreenButtonHint
         if  (visibility == Window.FullScreen)
             visibility = Window.Hidden;
             close.accepted =false;
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