Qt is becoming more and more feature rich, but applications aren't
getting any smaller. I wish there was easier ways of configuring and
building Qt with shared libraries containing only the necessary
functionality. Maybe more modularity is the answer.

I want to comply with the LGPL license, but I wish the libraries were
smaller. I've tried building Qt from source, without success on

I've also tried Sciter, which is a single library for Microsoft
Windows, Apple macOS and GNU/Linux. This and an executable using the
library at runtime come in at around ~11MB.

On other systems where Qt libraries are not installed system wide, such
as Microsoft Windows, it can be several times bigger in total.

I could use smaller libraries like Sciter, but I miss out on the
versatility of Qt's API's, and it's implementations for all sorts of
devices and operating systems.

Can we make it easier to reduce application installation sizes?
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