I am developing a Qt-based desktop environment, and would like to use
QWaylandCompositor to provide built-in compositing.

I am looking at several QML-based examples like Pure QML
but I would like to implement it using the C++ classes only.

So I've rewritten it to the best of my ability, and it actually works -
application windows show up in the compositor - except that they do not
update their content. Applications do respond to clicks, and even show
popup menus - but it's hard to tell since the window's content does not
show any feedback.

These same applications work fine in the Pure QML example.

The problem is (I suspect) I am not handling the
signal correctly.

Currently the slot it connects to looks like this:

void Compositor::onToplevelCreated(QWaylandXdgToplevel
*toplevel,QWaylandXdgSurface *xdgSurface)

    QWaylandQuickShellSurfaceItem item(outputWindow->contentItem());



It is unclear to me how the QML version handles this, since this
functionality is hidden under all that nice syntactic sugar.

Is anyone able to help?


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