On Sunday, 19 June 2022 03:51:43 PDT Alexander Carôt wrote:
> Succes !! Thanks so much for this hint of using the Developer Toolset !
> Qt5.15 is compiled and installed just fine but now a new issue arises which
> might have a different cause but I am embedding it into this thread
> anyways: My app contains a secure websocket and anything related to ssl is
> not available obviously:

Please paste English messages.

> echoserver.cpp: In Konstruktor »EchoServer::EchoServer(quint16, bool,
> QObject*)«: echoserver.cpp:18:63: Fehler: »SecureMode« ist kein Element von
> »QWebSocketServer« QWebSocketServer::SecureMode, this)), ^~~~~~~~~~
> echoserver.cpp:27:23: Fehler: Aggregat »QSslConfiguration sslConfiguration«
> hat unvollständigen Typ und kann nicht definiert werden QSslConfiguration
> sslConfiguration;
>                        ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I'm going to guess that this means the type QSslConfiguration is unknown.

You need OpenSSL 1.1 to enable SSL support in QtNetwork 5.15.

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