On Monday, 20 June 2022 07:45:21 PDT Manner Róbert wrote:
> Hi,
> previously we used QTextCodec to implement our custom (ebcdic) text
> codecs. We mainly used these for iterating through the available codecs
> and as an abstraction for doing an actual conversion from codec -> utf-8.
> As far as I see, there is no similar API in Qt6 (except from
> qt5compatibility), right? So I can't really extend the available codecs
> now, can I?
> Also it seems to me (from docs) that Qt no longer supports any codec
> other than utf-* and iso8859-1, is that right? Do you know of any good
> libs to fill that gap? Or is the best approach to call iconv directly?

This is being fixed in 6.4:


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