Looking at the source, I did a quick scan of the repository to see what was LGPL and GPL based. Your description of the situation was pretty spot on, Thiago, though there are two files in the client project that are GPL licensed. These files are new in Qt 6.3; they don't exist in any version of Qt prior (including 5.15) and were added in the following commit: d89c892

Scan results: https://gitlab.com/-/snippets/2353685

Examining the cmake config for the client project, those two shell integration files are included in the WaylandClient module's sources (lines 51 and 52). As I mentioned previously IANAL, but would these sources files have the impact of GPLing the QtWayland client library? How Qt likes to handle the "not-really-meant-for-public-use" APIs is a bit beyond me.

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