> On 16 Aug 2022, at 18:45, Scott Bloom <sc...@towel42.com> wrote:
> I have a QTextEdit derived class, that sets setMouseTracking( true ) in the 
> constructor.  Note, this isn’t about QTextEdit and should I use QTextBrowser. 
>  Ive had this issue multiple times over the last 20 years of Qt development, 
> and the solution has always been the same and I am not convinced it’s the 
> correct way.
> When there is a mouseMoveEvent in which the anchor at the mouse position is 
> not empty, I override the cursor.
> When the anchor at the point is empty, I restore the cursor
> On mouseReleaseEvent I open the URL from the anchor.  
> All works great (yes I know QTextBrowser should be able to be used, but there 
> are some issues with that, and its not the issue)
> The problem is, when the mouse leaves the widget there isn’t a 
> “mouseLeaveEvent” so if the mouse is able to leave with the cursor 
> overridden, it stays overridden.
> The workaround, I added a eventFilter on the parent widget.  If the parent 
> widget receives any event and the globalPos of the cursor (using 
> QCursor::pos() ) is outside the widget its restores the cursor.  It works, 
> however it seems a bit hackish
> What is the “proper” methodology for tracking when a mouse leaves the widget? 
> Ive tried various methods through the years, and this is the way that I find 
> works
> Full source for the widget can be found here
> https://github.com/towel42-com/SABUtils/blob/trunk/HyperLinkLineEdit.cpp
> https://github.com/towel42-com/SABUtils/blob/trunk/HyperLinkLineEdit.h
> Thanks.
> Scott

Hey Scott,

This should be a job for a QWidget::leaveEvent override:



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