We use Qt 5.12.12 and we were getting lot of various issues regarding OpenGL (crashes, hangs, white screen showing nothing etc.) so we decided to switch to software mode (QT_OPENGL=software).

But now we're getting these reports from some users:

Switching back to  QT_OPENGL=desktop or QT_OPENGL=angle solves the issue for them.

Is there any way to automatically detect such a situation and automatically switch to desktop/angle instead of software?

The only way I can see now is to check if the previous start of my app was successful. If not - use desktop mode instead. But this will require user to try to start our app again. He can just uninstall it immediately instead...

We've also tried Qt 6.3.1 - works fine, but we can't switch to it for now due to some reasons (off-topic here).
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